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20 Facts to know about your Friends

Have you ever found yourself…

  • Wanting to be that friend who is intentional in remembering important dates?
  • When you go to purchase a gift for your friend, do you wish you knew what to pick out to really make them feel seen and known?
  • Or maybe you want to surprise them with coffee, but realize you don’t know their order OR address?

Friend – I’ve got you covered!

This FREE digital resource will help you learn some foundational truths about your friends AND store them somewhere you can leverage them later to help you love your people well.

How to Use It…

  • Before your next girl gathering, print out a copy of this one-page PDF for each friend attending (or have each person screenshot yours or download their own copy!)
  • Take some time during your gathering to fill them out and share with each other. These could serve as great conversation starters!
  • Take a photo (or screenshot) and send your answers to each other.
  • Log their responses in their contact card in your phone. This way you can easily find the info later when you need a gift idea, their coffee order, or can’t remember that important date.

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In “Sisters,” I share about how God has blessed my life and expanded my definition of family through the opportunity to engage in mentor relationships and intergenerational community. In many ways, this poem is the seedbed for Your Sister, Kimber!

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I Choose to Stay

In this poem I share about the challenge of working toward resolution in friendships, rather than just quitting them.

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In “Nametags” I write about my frustration with what a name tag can symbolize in the life of someone who is new to a place or situation, and how we can use what we walk through down the road to bless someone in a similar situation.

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The Weight of the Wait

In this poem I write about the heaviness that can come to our souls when God asks us to wait, and how relying on Him to carry our burdens allows us to “finally breathe.”

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