My Vision for Your Sister, Kimber

Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do:

I want you to picture a couch.

Okay, not just any couch. Certainly not this couch. This is my couch – it’s lumpy and not very supportive and constantly littered with blankets, pillows, and the ubiquitous baby toys. I could’ve tried to make it look all stylish for this photo, but this is the reality if you were to visit my house. Maybe your couch is generally in a similar state of tornado meets hurricane.

But today I don’t want you to picture our actual, real life couches. I want you to picture The Couch. The couch of your dreams. The couch that is the perfect combination of squashy and supportive and comfy and stylish. The couch you’ve been searching for your entire adult life but, sadly, have never actually found because it probably doesn’t really exist – at least, let’s be honest, anywhere near your price range.

Okay, so that couch is the one I want you to now picture yourself plopping down on in my living room. Don’t ask how I got the couch of your dreams in my living room to replace this old thing. Some women are just #blessed. Now, don’t spill your coffee as you plop – 1. because I paid a fortune for this imaginary couch and, more importantly, 2. because it’s obviously the best cup of imaginary coffee you’ve ever pretended to drink.

Now, get snuggly. I’m talking comfy like you are on your own couch when no one is home. Grab that blanket you love that you always ask me where I got and I’m always like, “It was on sale at Target!” and settle in.

That’s the head space I want you in when you come to hear from me at Your Sister, Kimber. I say this often when I gather with other women, but that’s because I deeply believe it’s true: Let’s be authentic together. We have enough fake in our lives; we don’t need it here.

We have enough fake in our lives; we don’t need it here.

See, I think that a lot of times when we follow people on social media or online, even people we know really well in real life, it is so easy to present our shiniest selves but read, watch, and follow with our most insecure selves. I don’t know about you, but so often when I read a post, I read into it every shortcoming of my own that I’ve ever dreamed up or suspected of being true.

Friends, that is not God’s best for us, and I certainly don’t want it to be how you approach this blog. I want you to picture yourself on a dreamy couch with a cozy blanket and some good coffee (or tea, if that’s your jam) because that’s where I feel safe and myself and relaxed. Maybe you do too.

On a couch across from my girls is a space from which I can be encouraged, but it’s also a space from which I can be challenged. And I need that. Often, we can only receive from our sisters when we are in a secure, relaxed, comfortable head space. I pray you can find that when you visit this blog so that you can receive.

In this space we will have fun, go deep, and get real. We won’t do fake here. We will laugh freely because we know our Father holds our future. We will go deep because a shallow existence doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what the Lord has dreamed up for us. And we’ll keep it real because in a plastic and airbrushed world, a safe space to breathe in vulnerability and out authenticity is what we all truly crave.

So if that sounds like something you’d be into, I hope you’ll tag along. I’m just your friend who wants to offer you a bomb cup of imaginary coffee, talk about Jesus together, and love on ya…maybe (probably) with a side of challenge, if you’re up for it.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to get started.

Love ya, friends.

Your Sister, Kimber

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4 responses to “My Vision for Your Sister, Kimber”

  1. I have sat on that very couch with you…probably drinking water, holding a beautiful baby boy, and I miss that so much. I would sit under a comfy quilt, and would talk about our family, and reading this post makes me miss you so much. But, within 24 hours from now, I will be doing this very thing with your beautiful momma. We will be sitting, laughing, talking, sewing, and very possibly crying, because she too, is my sister, just as you are. You are my sunshine, dear Kimber…and your momma is my sunshine. I am blessed beyond measure, and God knew that I needed strong and faithful sisters! I love you!!

    1. Aw you’re so sweet! Love you so much! 🙂

  2. Hi, Kimber! I’m definitely an older “sister”. I have found in my lifetime that my friends have included women of all ages. I am curious about your journey and plan to be a supportive sister as you travel along.

    1. Thank you so much Aunt Rita! I’m so glad you’ve joined us. We absolutely need sisters of all ages in our lives!

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