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September Prayers

Dear Lord,

Thank you for bringing

Us home.

I’m sorry for the days

I don’t say

Thank you

And mean it.

Thank you for the cold air

On my face

And light mist rains.

Thank you for foggy mountains

And a sky that goes for days.

Thank you for fires

In the stove

And soup on the range.

Thank you for the bedding down

In a warm bed

And of the earth

While it waits

For spring.

And every time I complain

About another day of rain,

God, I pray, will you remind me

Of that day in May,

When the sun shone hot

And the wind blew cool,

And back to her favorite place

You landed this

Wild Alaskan child,

On the shores of a river

And a lake

That both shared a name,

At the foot of a range

Of giants you made

Before I’d ever prayed

To call that place

Home again.

Lord, thank you today

For bringing me back

To this place.

I want to always say

Thank you,

Even for the rain.

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