Hey friend. I hope the sun is shining on you today. I pray you feel seen and loved and cared for. But in case you don’t, in case you’re far from home today, know I’m praying for vision and purpose over this time to well up your heart today.

I wrote this for the friend who’s leaving.

I wrote this for the friend who’s lonely.

I wrote this for the friend who feels like a misfit where she’s been positioned.

And of course most of all, I wrote this for me. Because yes, I’m fine, and most days, I’m great, but also, some days the cracks are more apparent. And someone needs to be reminded today that Instagram only tells about 2% of the story. Friend, your real matters to someone today.


Okay, all I’m gonna say

Is that, please God,

May I never be the one

To ask someone to put

On a nametag.

Now, yes, I know why

They do it.

But what I’ve come to say

Is that when I get home

At the end of my day,

That sticky nametag

I peel off my chest

Is just another reminder

That I spent today

In a place where

No one knows my name.

And here’s the thing:

I don’t need anyone

To tell me that.

My GPS told me

On the way over here

That, no, I don’t know

Where you live.

My awkward knock,

Shoes on or off?

And the chili’s just a little bit off,

And I don’t have a

Favorite blanket to claim.

Then, to top off that day,

All I’m trying to say,

Is please don’t make me

Peel off that nametag, too.

Because when I do,

I remember.

I remember what it feels like

To belong.

Where the dog knows my name,

And the hugs don’t feel fake.

And I never thought

I’d feel faint

Just because I had to ask

Where the mugs are at.

And don’t even get me started

On the pit that knots

In my stomach

When I remember

What it’s like to have

A favorite mug

In a kitchen

That definitely isn’t mine,

But where I’ve definitely

Done the dishes,

More than a few times.

Yeah, I remember

What home feels like.

And here’s the other thing:

I write my own name

Inside that sticky frame

Because I’m the only one

In the room

Who knows my pain.

And when I peel it off,

In an empty house,

After a quiet drive home,

It’s just like a band-aid,

Rip it quick,

So you don’t feel the burn

Of the iron brand

Of remembering

The place

Where everyone


Knows your name.

So, I guess in the end,

What I’ve really come here to say,

Is I pray I’ll never

Ask you to make

Your own nametag.

On that “someday”

When I’m back

In my place

Where everyone

Knows my name,

When I don’t have

To remember and miss

The spot I always sit,

I’ll have put in my time,

And I’ll remember,

But for you,

This time.

When that stomach-pit hits,

I’ll see it in your eyes,

And you won’t have to ask

Where the trash can is,

Because this time,

I’ll remember.

I’ll know.

That ache you feel for home,

Friend, I know.

It’ll get better.

I promise, it’s not forever.

All this,

It’s so you’ll remember

When it’s your turn

To be home again.

Friend, will you trust me?

Someone needs you

To be able

To remember.

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  1. Wow that was so artistic and described things I didn’t even know I’ve felt

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