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Scared Girl Running

Scared girl hears You,

That voice inside her weak.

She can hardly breathe,

Much less speak.


Scared girl looks round.

It doesn’t look good

Inside this empty room;

She’d stand if she could.


Scared girl gets up,

But stands stalk still.

Nah, she ain’t movin,

Stayin right here.


Scared girl steps out – 

Just a little, please.

Takes hold of Papa’s hand,

But digs heels deep.


Scared girl walks now,

One behind another,

Picking up her speed,

On her way to wonder.


Free girl’s running,

Fear lost in her hair.

Arms out behind her,

Shes thrown off all her cares.


Cause scared girl’s free now, 

Yes, free indeed.

She’s running with her Papa,

She can finally breathe.

She can finally speak.

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