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God’s Family & My Girls

Tonight a book I’m reading, Superadded by Hosanna Wong, was talking about the family of God, which is something super dear to my heart. My family growing up could’ve been labeled as “broken” – although I prefer the term “blended” – so learning and teaching about how God brings his people into his family [community!] has always been something that I get SO hyped about. The author wrote that…

“Through men of God, [God] is providing fathers.

Through women of God, he is providing mothers.

Through the family of God, through His Church, God is providing mentors, teachers, big sisters and brothers, best friends, companions, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters – God wants to add onto our lives a family that is far larger than we could have ever imagined.”

And man, that just stirs my heart with JOY for the way our Father operates his Kingdom, his FAMILY.

I love this message so much in fact that, a couple months ago, I wrote a spoken word piece on this very subject. [I wrote it with the intention of it being spoken word, but feel compelled to share it now just in written form.] It poured out of my heart one night onto the page as I reveled in how sweet the Lord has been to me in restoring family to me in SO MANY WAYS. The people I consider my girls are of the most precious to me in this story of redemption I think. The Father is sweet like this, so I feel compelled to share my heart.

My Girls

I used to dream of a sister,

A best friend by blood,

A partner

In crime, in style, in mind.

Anytime I needed her

She’d be there,

To help me and shape me,

To make me into the person

She saw I could be.

Funny, I always dreamed of an older one,

A girl I knew would take on the world for me.

And instead,

God gave me so many little ones.

Now don’t be confused,

My mother is a mother to one, me.

But you see God gave me more.

Because when I felt alone

He sent me sisters to come around me,

To life me up, to restore me.

He heard me cry out,

And I have zero doubt in my mind

That he sent me truth-speakers,

Some full of grace and some healers.

But just a few, No, he said,

That isn’t enough blessing for my little girl

Who always wanted a sister.

So he sent me teachers and believers,

True friends who saw me,

Some different and some just like me

To reveal all of Your beauty,

And how You adore and restore family.

I said, surely your kindness is too much.

But then God sent me a few teenagers

To wreck me and build me

To be the sister I always dreamed of,

The sister I really needed,

The sister he created me to be.

He gave me some to teach me to listen,

To not judge by appearances,

To look beneath the exterior

And to find what was hidden there.

He sent a few more to grow me,

To speak identity over me

Without even knowing it.

He sent me some to inspire me,

To awake passion and creativity inside me,

Sent some to challenge and redefine me,

And still others to remind me

Of how our Father loves deep laughs, fierce hugs, and brave words.

But then I found a couple girls,

Hurt and a bit abused,

Broken images filled their minds,

Lies were winning time after time.

But I heard You say, “They’re mine,

And I want them back.

So go get your little sisters,

We’ll fight for their hearts

With truth that’s richer

Than lies of worthless and forgotten,

Overlooked, screwed-up, besotted.

Bring them back into my house,

Remind them they’re not thrown-out.

They’ve a purpose and identity,

Assure them that they’re my family,

That I track their hurt hearts down

By sending them big sisters

To weave blessing into every braid,

To show them for what they’re made,

And, most importantly, to demonstrate

That I’m the keeper

Of their hearts, their hopes, and their dreams.

So no, child, I didn’t give you a bio sister

Because I didn’t want you to miss this

Sweet picture of my love

Poured out through my whole family

Not in blood, but through a grafting.

Adoption to sonship is my business,

So in case you still don’t see it,

I’ve given you a thousand sisters.

From the little girl who needs a friend

To tell her what she could never sense

On her own and in isolation,

That she’s worthy and that she’s chosen.

To the friend I knew you needed

But you never dreamed would be the

Sweetest picture of my heart for my girls.

To the one that I’m still after,

She’s dying, her heart burns out of her

Each night as she begs

To be known and seen.

Her story, it needs redeemed

By a father with so much power,

Strength enough to fix a shattered

Life of forgotten identity.

So track her down, pursue her.

You know my heart, so use it’s

Vision to see the sisters

I’m still calling back to me.

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