Hey there, friend! I’m Kimber.

I believe that too many of my sisters in Christ are living lonely. We long for authentic friendships, but we don’t know how to break past the surface-level stuff and actually get real.

But I also believe that deep friendships are possible! You were made for friendships that feel like family. You were made for gut-wrenchingly honest talks that somehow still feel safe. You were made for community that carries you with joy when you can’t carry it all yourself.

And I want to help you get there.

I wish I could sit down with you, my friend, over coffee and together learn how we can build authentic community and Christian friendships that honor God and draw us closer to Jesus. But for now, a podcast and blog will have to do!

Welcome to Your Sister, Kimber! I’m so glad you’re here, sis.

“God sets the lonely in families…”

Psalm 68:6

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Ep.62 Stab Me in the Front + Series Wrap-Up Your Sister, Kimber

In the final episode in our Being the Friend You Need summer series, Meghan and I talk about the friend we need: one who challenges us, pushes back against our bad ideas, and metaphorically “stabs us in the front,” rather than in the back by telling us the truth, even when it feels hard. We also take some time to reflect on this series as a whole, which I pray has blessed your friendships this summer! Thank you so much for joining us for this series! For more Your Sister, Kimber content, including the Blog and FREE Resources, visit yoursisterkimber.com! Become a subscriber at Your Sister, Kimber to get exclusive access to my NEW free resource, straight to your inbox.Let's become friends! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more of Your Sister, Kimber.Don't forget to leave a rating & review on Apple Podcasts! This is such a blessing to me and really helps new friends find the show. Thank you, friends!
  1. Ep.62 Stab Me in the Front + Series Wrap-Up
  2. Ep.61 The Fruit of the Spirit in Friendship
  3. Ep.60 Does Grief Impact Friendship? + Julie Lynn Ashley
  4. Ep.59 The Blessings of Mourning
  5. Ep.58 Confiding with Confidence

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